Measuring, modelling and future casting: Report Card

One of the transformative projects on the cards for the year ahead is expanding the Report Card so it can deliver beyond its current water focus, to encompass a broader ecosystem focus. This will be done in line with the priorities outlined in our NRM Plan.

This will give us the ability to report and model ecosystems across South East Queensland. It has the potential to be transformative in how we collaborate to create a better understanding of how we build the prosperity for our ‘future region’.

This is a novel project, using the 20+ years of knowledge in water monitoring and reporting though the current Report Card system, and building on it to incorporate monitoring and reporting for a range of priority areas across the ecosystem.

The initiative will underpin our ability to co-create with our partners what the future of environmental monitoring for South East Queensland will look like.


"Instead of a point-in-time delivery of grades system which focuses solely on reporting on the results of past actions, it will be a platform to model and dynamically test options, comparing results to the wealth of longer-term trend data we’ve been collecting for two decades."

- Dr Andrew O'Neill, GM - Environmental Services

This can be used to prioritise action, understand the impact of actions at a more focused timescale, and generate forecasts of future results based on the actions underway.
Importantly, switching up to an even more integrated approach has the potential to inspire and empower greater community action to create lasting change.
By helping people understand the values and condition of South East Queensland’s environment, we can help ensure the sustainable use of our natural environment long into the future.

The first step will be identifying the critical indicators and landscape factors. In this we will be reliant on science, research and close collaboration with a broad range of regional stakeholders on the most effective and desirable indicators for their area. There is a potential springboard for emerging opportunities for partners to guide financial and community investment in environmental recovery and action.